Our Features


  A special curriculum fulfilling the aims of well-rounded education
  • The four-language (English, Japanese, French, and Spanish) courses prepare students for international opportunities.
  • Classical Chinese literature and philosophy immerse students in the traditional culture and values.
  • Zen study develops mindfulness and positive energy for life.
  • Chinese calligraphy nurtures and calms the mind.
  • Liberal studies with expert seminars expand students’ horizons.


  A boarding school with full range of studies and programs
  • Students return home on Friday after lunch every second week. The 46 hours of classes per week offer more time for learning and activities than in other public or private schools.
  • The teaching hours of all core courses are increased according to senior high school students’ needs to bridge the knowledge gap between the junior and senior high curricula, as well as to deal with the time shortage problem which exists in the official state curriculum.
  • Students study thoroughly and efficiently at school so that they don’t need to undertake extra remedial courses. The parents don’t have to be concerned for their children’s safety outside the school.


  Extended learning develops multi-faceted wisdom
  • International interchange enables students to have multicultural connections.
  • Moral education cultivates strength of character.
  • Sports games help students to build a strong and powerful physique.
  • Extracurricular activities enhance students’ interpersonal relationships.
  • Farming and gardening classes allow students to learn about natural preservation.


  Career advice for further education, both inland and overseas
  • Pu Tai provides optional courses in math, sciences, languages, and foreign studies (preparatory classes for studying aboard) to broaden and deepen their knowledge for the students who are ready. Students are also encouraged to involve in extra-curricular or volunteer activities, as well as school field trips. These extra opportunities help prepare the students for top universities in Taiwan or foreign countries.